the royal tenenbaums

November 29, 2009

this thanksgiving break, I watched:

the royal tenenbaums: witty. subtle humor. cuute. excellent photography. sorta a holiday movie. not the typical one. rottentomatoes: 79%

cloverfield: looooove the photography. the handheld, homemade effect is cool. plot is whatever. pretty people. rottontomatoes: 76%

caramel: a Lebanese film. a good collection of stories of the women in a salon. pretty images. rottentomatoes: 92%

thoroughly modern millie: sooooo fun to watch. wish i lived in 1922. wish i had their pretty clothes. wish i could tap dance. julie andrews is stunning. rottontomatoes: 100%


home w/ parents who spoil

November 25, 2009

woke up in a sunny room with yellow walls

found blueberry muffins and peach yogurt

radio playing the song in my head

car keys placed on the kitchen for me

folgers happy holidays commercial made me tear up

nothing can be more wonderful

than being at home

annie leibovitz photography, featured in this month’s vogue, inspired by Hansel and Gretel

woodford & co.

November 24, 2009

i want these outfits

im so happy im pooping a star

November 24, 2009

“im so happy” – angela (roomie)

“im so happy” – wenting

“im going to spain” – angela

“im going to england” – wenting

“im so……………………………………………happy” – angela

“meeeeee……….too” – wenting

“no one’s ever baked me a pie before” –angela

“ive never pooped a star before” – wenting

“i love people today” – angela

“i love people everyday” – wenting

ed westwick and jessica szohr

November 23, 2009

facebook etiquette 101

November 20, 2009

today’s love languages

November 20, 2009

vintage portable sauna

November 20, 2009

i had one when i was little.

i want this tattooed on me

November 20, 2009