(name censored): okay


ever since you left

ive thought about

me: yeah?

(name censored): how much ive realized how much i appreciate you

me: awwww

(name censored): like

it’s one thing one you’re here

but when you left

and now that ur not here

i think it’s different

i really truly miss you

even though it’s only been a month

ok i g2g



(name censored): i miss you like shaq misses free throws

a new trend: big heads

January 28, 2010

from hipsterrunoff

from hipsterrunoff

sarahlee always makes fun of my big head. but now i am trendy.

lady gaga cookies

January 28, 2010

lady gaga's different outfits

lady gaga

cookie version


“Do u ever think they are on a date, and some1 thinks that she ‘adopted’ him from a North Korean adoption catalog of AZNs?”

– from hipsterrunoff

whatilearnedinclass: stroke

January 28, 2010

the orgin of stroke: stroke of God’s hand

well hello long time no see

January 28, 2010

Today I saw the sun and the sky was blue. Never thought this would happen.

my yellow gumboots

my new favorite word: gumboots

american: rainboots | australian: gumboots

to pull

January 27, 2010

American: hook up, make out

British: pull


Chiefly British.
1. To kiss someone; to initiate a seduction.
2. To kiss and/or fool around with someone in competition with one’s friends to see who can put up the highest numbers or attract the most beautiful people around, as much for sheer entertainment’s sake as for personal satisfaction. Occurs most frequently in pubs and bars.

“Watch me, I’m gonna pull every one of those lads at that table!”

“My mate pulled five birds at the pub last night.”

the classrooms in england are very interesting. at least these lecture halls. each door opens into a row of seats. a waste of metals and locks in my opinion. but they brightened my day. they reminded me of disneyland rides.

resembling disneyland's indiana jones ride