fav photographers of today

October 29, 2009


cheryl nicolai

Cheryl Nicolai


sandy skoglund

Sandy Skoglund


seiichi furuya

Seiichi Furuya

erik johansson

Erik Johansson






i need a coaster.

October 29, 2009

“i need a coaster. i’ll use a sock.”

-angela, my roommate

soak coaster-2soak coaster-4

SevenLastWords F Holland Day

"the seven last words of christ"

Monday Morning

October 27, 2009

monday morning

’twas fun to be drunk.

October 26, 2009

“Drunk” dialing:

Me: Helloooo? We lost Angela! We can’t find her!!!! I’m so scared.

Angela: Are you drunk dialing my mom??? (into the phone) MA?!!! MA!!!!!!!! MA!!!!!!!!!! I’m soooo SORRY!!!!!!!

Faking drunkenness is my new hobby.


i want my coffee

October 7, 2009

“Roasted coffee may have an inelastic demand in the short-run because many people think of COFFEE as A NECESSARY GOOD. ¬†Changes in the price of roasted coffee will not drastically affect the quantity demanded because¬†PEOPLE WANT THEIR COFFEE.”

answer to one of my Econ 100A problems


October 7, 2009


Hope: Living & Loving with HIV in Jamaica