April 30, 2010


but if you are interested in seeing something super cool but disgusting, click


people magazine’s list of the world’s most beautiful people:

and are you joking me?

krizia: “i saw someone who sorta look like you. well, she was just tall, skinny, and asian haha”

and this is what my mother thinks of me:

goals for 2010, or 2011

April 30, 2010

1. get engaged

2. graduate early

everyone else is doing it.


“You think yore being amusing, but others do not. Think about how your words are going to affect those around you. If you know something is going to cause hurt, then keep it to yourself.”

 i think i prefer the old fashioned american nonsense that is applicable to anyone, anyday:

“You need an audience with someone important — but it’s easier to get than you realize. Serendipity may favor you, or you may be able to use a connection you only just learned you have.” (Yahoo! Horoscope)

how to draw asian women:

April 28, 2010

When I was very little, my grandma told me,

“If you eat your ear boogers, you will be mute.”

My little cousin relayed this new message from my grandma,

“If you eat too much KFC, you’ll grow feathers.”

April 25, 2010

I wish you are smarter. Smart people don’t laugh like that.